Bromo Tour Backpacker : Know Nature Naturally

Surabayabromotour.Com – More challenging nature tourism is preferred by young people, so decided to take part in a backpacker-style bromo tour. Carrying a big backpack that contains all of your own needs and using all the attributes of the mountain, this thing looks cool among young people. Especially if you can conquer favorite mountains such as the famous Mount Semeru in the seven summit, if you feel climbing Mount Semeru is too heavy why not start from Mount Bromo, after all there are many public facilities available so there is not too much preparation to carry from below.

Bromo Tour Backpacker

Preparation is important to start a backpacker-style bromo tour

For those of you who don’t want to go to Mount Bromo to take a tour and choose independently to do a backpacker-style bromo tour, then you have to make preparations from a long time. So that all the tourist destinations that you want to visit can be enjoyed, doing backpackers must stand up and be prepared to face even the worst situations. Here are some important preparations that you should not miss:

Already have a clear goal of bromo tourism.

There are lots of tourist attractions around Mount Bromo, starting from Cuban (waterfall), Ranu and several other places. You have to search for tourist attractions that you want to visit first, specify in the tour schedule that you have, including how many days will be on Mount Bromo, this will determine how much equipment you have to bring from home.

Preparation of mature transportation.

You will not have difficulty to do backpacker-style bromo tours on Mount Bromo, because there are already many public vehicles that go directly to tourist attractions so there is no need to use private vehicles. Stay comfortable and safe, even though you have to share with others of course. Because there are many modes of public transportation, do not get it wrong because each vehicle will only go to the destination that has been printed on the windshield of the car.

Have brought all the equipment.

This is what will become your life while in nature, because backpackers will prefer to be in nature longer than in a closed room. Cooking, relaxing and sleeping activities will be felt more closely if you are close to nature. Therefore, prepare all items, such as clothing, food, tents to sleeping bags, make sure the backpack that you use is waterproof.

Bromo-style backpacker-style tours that are the main target

It is clear that the target tourist spots for backpackers and tourists who come with tour groups are often different, backpacker-style bromo tours have targeted several tourist attractions that are still very close to nature but already safe. Here are some tourist spots on Mount Bromo that are targeted by backpackers:

Want to see stars and lined up in the sky in thousands, you have to come to the highlands that are not many clouds. You can indeed see the Milky Way in the dry season, where Mount Bromo has several interesting spots to see this star cluster look closer. Bukit Cinta Bromo is not widely known by public tourists, that’s why it is a backpacker-style bromo tourism destination, but for those who want to see the Milky Way will choose this place, especially during the dry season in July. Penanjakan 1 & 2 Bromo, being at an altitude of 2,770 meters above sea level does guarantee you can see the Milky Way, make sure it comes when the sky is not covered in clouds.

This is absolutely must be obtained by anyone who visits Mount Bromo, it’s a lie if in the morning you have to curl up with a blanket and leave the sun beginning to shine from the eastern horizon. Climbing Mount Bromo is now easier, that’s why this tourist attraction is more visited by local or foreign tourists, you often see Caucasians long enough on Mount Bromo.

Already have an idea not if you really want to take part in a backpacker-style bromo tour, you beginner climbers will not suffer in nature if you have done a thorough preparation. Don’t forget, determine in advance what attractions will be enjoyed while on Mount Bromo. For more savings and no hassle, just use the Surabaya Bromo Tour Package ( Open Trip).