Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package .  Are you wondering what is so special about this spot called Kawah Ijen Crtaer and blue fire that it has its own tour package? Kawah Ijen is unique from other spots around Mount Bromo because it has the blue fire phenomenon. The blue fire phenomenon is a natural phenomenon that happens when natural gas reacts with oxygen at a certain temperature. This reaction causes sparkling blue light to be emitted from the lava. Well, it is one of the two places in the world that has this phenomenon. The other one is Iceland. This is one of the reasons why you should choose this Bromo tour package with .

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package

To reach the spot where you can witness this breath-taking natural phenomenon, you have to hike through sandy grounds and steep rocks. But don’t worry as the travellers that hike with you will support each other and help you to reach the destination. After reaching the spot, all your efforts will be paid off. This Bromo tour package always attracts lots of local and international tourists, so you don’t have to worry about being lonely. To watch this phenomenon, prepare yourself to stay awake at 1 until 2 a. m. because it can only be seen within that time frame. Hopefully, the cold (not freezing) temperature will help you stay awake.

Besides enjoying the view of blue fire, watching sulphur miners work around this crater also creates an adrenaline rush. They work with conventional techniques and patch-up tools. All mining activities are done with bare hands and human force, without any machines. They make anyone who watches them impressed by their courage and strength. The sunrise you can watch from the top is amazing as well on its own. Moreover, the scenery is visible after sunrise, and it looks magical. Well, don’t waste your time by hesitating. Just book the Bromo tour package and enjoy the beauty of East Java’s nature.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Experiences from the Travelers

Most people who have gone up Mount Rinjani claim that they have positive Mount Rinjani trekking experienceswith their exploration. They have to work extra and the journey up there is challenging, but the trekking alone has been amazing. Once they reach the peak, they are presented with one of the most amazing views in the world.

The General Experience

Those who have gone through the trekking say that the entireMount Rinjani trekking experiencesare truly satisfying. They like the challenge although it is difficult – and some of them are tearing up a bit. They like the clean environment and the pure atmosphere. The guides are generally coming from the locals and they are truly environmentally conscious. They make sure that everything is clean, so whenever they find trash or garbage, they will pick it up and then toss it on the garbage bin. According to most of the guides, the local tourists aren’t really conscious about the environment – which is the annoying part. It is the foreign tourists who are more environmentally conscious about the surrounding so it is quite sad.

Most of them also claim that the entire journey is completely nice. The trip has been nice from the start and most of the guides are professional. It is a good thing that most of the guides are paid high, which is a good thing. Most tourists want to make sure that they get the most satisfying service without exploiting their guides.

Not only the service is the pleasing one, the end view once they reach the peak is one of the best experiences they have ever encountered. They are pampered with the majestic and breathtaking view, and it is a sure thing that they will never forget the experience. Sure, the cost itself is pretty high but when compared to the overall Mount Rinjani trekking experiences, the spending is worth it