Bromo Tour Backpacker : Know Nature Naturally

Surabayabromotour.Com – More challenging nature tourism is preferred by young people, so decided to take part in a backpacker-style bromo tour. Carrying a big backpack that contains all of your own needs and using all the attributes of the mountain, this thing looks cool among young people. Especially if you can conquer favorite mountains such as the famous Mount Semeru in the seven summit, if you feel climbing Mount Semeru is too heavy why not start from Mount Bromo, after all there are many public facilities available so there is not too much preparation to carry from below.

Bromo Tour Backpacker

Preparation is important to start a backpacker-style bromo tour

For those of you who don’t want to go to Mount Bromo to take a tour and choose independently to do a backpacker-style bromo tour, then you have to make preparations from a long time. So that all the tourist destinations that you want to visit can be enjoyed, doing backpackers must stand up and be prepared to face even the worst situations. Here are some important preparations that you should not miss:

Already have a clear goal of bromo tourism.

There are lots of tourist attractions around Mount Bromo, starting from Cuban (waterfall), Ranu and several other places. You have to search for tourist attractions that you want to visit first, specify in the tour schedule that you have, including how many days will be on Mount Bromo, this will determine how much equipment you have to bring from home.

Preparation of mature transportation.

You will not have difficulty to do backpacker-style bromo tours on Mount Bromo, because there are already many public vehicles that go directly to tourist attractions so there is no need to use private vehicles. Stay comfortable and safe, even though you have to share with others of course. Because there are many modes of public transportation, do not get it wrong because each vehicle will only go to the destination that has been printed on the windshield of the car.

Have brought all the equipment.

This is what will become your life while in nature, because backpackers will prefer to be in nature longer than in a closed room. Cooking, relaxing and sleeping activities will be felt more closely if you are close to nature. Therefore, prepare all items, such as clothing, food, tents to sleeping bags, make sure the backpack that you use is waterproof.

Bromo-style backpacker-style tours that are the main target

It is clear that the target tourist spots for backpackers and tourists who come with tour groups are often different, backpacker-style bromo tours have targeted several tourist attractions that are still very close to nature but already safe. Here are some tourist spots on Mount Bromo that are targeted by backpackers:

Want to see stars and lined up in the sky in thousands, you have to come to the highlands that are not many clouds. You can indeed see the Milky Way in the dry season, where Mount Bromo has several interesting spots to see this star cluster look closer. Bukit Cinta Bromo is not widely known by public tourists, that’s why it is a backpacker-style bromo tourism destination, but for those who want to see the Milky Way will choose this place, especially during the dry season in July. Penanjakan 1 & 2 Bromo, being at an altitude of 2,770 meters above sea level does guarantee you can see the Milky Way, make sure it comes when the sky is not covered in clouds.

This is absolutely must be obtained by anyone who visits Mount Bromo, it’s a lie if in the morning you have to curl up with a blanket and leave the sun beginning to shine from the eastern horizon. Climbing Mount Bromo is now easier, that’s why this tourist attraction is more visited by local or foreign tourists, you often see Caucasians long enough on Mount Bromo.

Already have an idea not if you really want to take part in a backpacker-style bromo tour, you beginner climbers will not suffer in nature if you have done a thorough preparation. Don’t forget, determine in advance what attractions will be enjoyed while on Mount Bromo. For more savings and no hassle, just use the Surabaya Bromo Tour Package ( Open Trip).

Smart Ways to Complete Guide to Mount Bromo in East Java Using Buses Train Aircraft

Smart Ways to Complete Guide to Mount Bromo in East Java Using Buses Train or Aircraft . Mount Bromo is a natural charm that will be your holiday with beauty located in East Java Province. If you are there there are a number of complete smart guide travel methods with several alternative public transport buses, trains, private vehicles, or by airplane. The combination of these three common ways can be done to get to the most favorite tourist attraction for local and international tourists, especially for private cars there are special tricks. Holiday activities like this are much sought after by backpackers, even those of you who want to vacation here. I tried to give the article a complete and cheapest guide for backpackers regarding this keyword search so that your vacation will be more focused and comfortable during the trip. Here’s the explanation How to Smartly Complete Travel Guide to Mount Bromo East Java Using Buses | Train | Aircraft | Private vehicle.

Smart Ways to Complete Guide to Mount Bromo in East Java Using Buses Train Aircraft

Smart Ways to Complete Guide to Mount Bromo


Mount Bromo located 2,392 meters above sea level has a very cool temperature of +/- 10 degrees as a tourist destination located in the east of the island of Java. With the cold temperatures around the mountain location you must prepare all the supporting needs such as jackets, gloves, etc. to help you when it is cold. Many travelers visit this tourist attraction to see the beauty of the mountain at the summit of the gathering of tourists along with seeing the sunrise, or see the tourist attractions with the local tourism of the Tengger Tribe. So, this is the most beautiful place to see the sunrise in the morning with natural mountain views.

This holiday trip you can use public buses, trains, private vehicles and airplanes. For private vehicles, the average is widely used for family holidays that bring children, wives, and other families. I will try to explain one by one so that all readers can use this information as a reference to get to Mount Bromo.

1. Train.
A. Malang TRAIN Station.

If you use the train from DKI Jakarta, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Solo, and the city is one line by train it can get to the destination of Malang, whatever the obvious type of class you choose, match the type of backpacker or semi backpacker. Why choose the destination of Malang, because from this city the route to Mount Bromo is relatively close to relay using other medium public buses. Travel time from DKI Jakarta travels +/- 12 hours. After you arrive at the final station in Malang, you have to use public transportation to Arjosari Terminal with a trip time of +/- 30 minutes at a cost of IDR 3000 – IDR 5,000. From Arjosari Terminal continue using ELF medium car with the aim to Cemoro Lawang for IDR 25,000 [limited operating hours at 08:00 WIB and 14:00 WIB]. You have to be patient to take the public bus because you have to wait for the new full trip. After arriving at Cemoro Lawang you have to walk uphill with sandy soil conditions as far as 3-4 km. But this method is very rarely done, many do jeep leases to get to one and two climbs. For the jeep ride process, you can follow the process at point number 2 below [Towards Mount Bromo].

B. Pasar Turi Station Surabaya.
For economy class trains have entered this station at +/- 2:00 WIB. The main activity carried out was to find a place to clean and wait until morning. For Muslims you can perform fardhu worship after cleansing your body or taking a bath. After everything is ready, you are clean and have breakfast around Pasar Turi Station and have breakfast then get ready to go to Mount Bromo. Use the public bus to reach Bungurasih Terminal at IDR 5,000 and relay using the economy bus to Probolinggo such as Akas, Ladju, Restu, etc. with a +/- 5 hour journey to Bayu Angga Probolinggo Terminal. The last relay uses the dark green ELF medium bus with the aim of Bromo with a cost of IDR 20,000 – IDR 25,000. On average, these buses are sure to wait for full passengers. FYI, this bus is only available before 4:00 p.m. WIB, don’t miss it. After the road bus you have to get off at Cemorolawang to go to Mount Bromo. The next stage can follow point number 2 below [Towards Mount Bromo].

2. Using a private vehicle.
Meeting point from Surabaya city. Travel routes using private vehicles are Surabaya-Porong-Pasuruan-Bangil-Probolinggo. After entering Probolinggo there is a sign board that you must follow in the direction of Bromo. Just follow the path to enter and you have to pay IDR 45,000 entrance ticket per person directly to your private car park that will be directed by the officer there.


In this location you also find many Hard Top jeep cars that are ready to serve you to get to Mount Bromo or Mount Bromo. FYI, to use a private car they usually prepare a schedule to see the sunrise so getting to this location is midnight. Make sure you have prepared all the warm clothes including gloves, hats, etc.

When in this car park you have to rent a jeep that the car owner will offer. For the usual holiday season, the basic price is IDR 300,000 and for peak season it can be IDR 500,000 with 2 climb locations namely Metigen and Bromo. For one climb for holidays, it is IDR300,000, so for two climbs it will be IDR600,000.
For selected climbs depending on your desire to see a better sunrise to the second climb, Metigen, because the view is much better, including the mountain crater as a terrace from the sunrise.

This trip needs to be observed to be noticed, the condition of the road is relatively bumpy, winding, up and down the hill with a slope of +/- 75 degrees. So fast on your seat belt with concentration must be full yes. A long journey of +/- 1.5 km is enough to shake the journey to get to the final destination.
The trip starts at this time when the jeep stops and you have to walk to the spot where the other travelers gather. You don’t baper, many pedestrians are the same as you to the location. Like a mini hiking and your leg strength must be tested here, this trip will cover a distance of 1.5 km.

3. Using Aircraft.
If you use an airplane from Jakarta-Surabaya. For this type of aircraft you can choose according to your wishes and comfort. Use Damri bus to get to Bungurasih Surabaya Bus Terminal to Bayu Angga Probolinggo Terminal. The last relay uses the dark green ELF medium bus with the aim of Bromo with a cost of IDR 20,000 – IDR 25,000. On average, these buses are sure to wait for full passengers. FYI, this bus is only available before 4:00 p.m. WIB, don’t miss it. After the road bus you have to get off at Cemorolawang to go to Mount Bromo. The next stage can follow point 2 above.

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Don’t worry about lodging around Mount Bromo, you can choose the type of hotel accommodation according to wishes. Prices start from IDR 150,000 – IDR 500,000 per night.


After you see the sunrise and an additional panoramic view, the Bromo crater can go down to the desert to enjoy walking with a rented horse. To get to the top of Bromo you can also climb a number of stairs that have been prepared. Things that need to be considered for traveling on Mount Bromo are as follows:

  1. Do not forget to bring the type of clothing that can protect you from cold air during tours in Mount Bromo such as sweaters, gloves, hats, umbrellas, and shoes that are quite helpful for you to walk.
  2. If you want to use a jeep car to rent, you have to be smart to bargain prices to get a very competitive price. It is better to rent a jeep at the entrance gate of Bromo because the price offered can be cheaper if you rent it at a climb stop.
  3. We recommend that you travel to Bromo in the summer to enjoy the maximum
    3. We recommend that you travel to Bromo in the summer so that you can enjoy the natural panorama including sunrise.
  4. Tricks for renting horses to circle the desert should the horse owner approach you in a position when the owner goes against you because you can get a fairly cheap price. Do not rent a horse when you leave because the price you will pay will be more expensive.
  5. Using a private car to get to the incline is not permitted or take a car rentals or complete pacakge from
  6. Dispose of garbage in its place so that this location remains clean and can still be enjoyed comfort and beauty.

Smart Ways to Complete Guide to Mount Bromo in East Java Using Buses Train Aircraft

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package .  Are you wondering what is so special about this spot called Kawah Ijen Crtaer and blue fire that it has its own tour package? Kawah Ijen is unique from other spots around Mount Bromo because it has the blue fire phenomenon. The blue fire phenomenon is a natural phenomenon that happens when natural gas reacts with oxygen at a certain temperature. This reaction causes sparkling blue light to be emitted from the lava. Well, it is one of the two places in the world that has this phenomenon. The other one is Iceland. This is one of the reasons why you should choose this Bromo tour package with .

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package

Visiting Ijen Crater Blue fire in Bromo Tour Package

To reach the spot where you can witness this breath-taking natural phenomenon, you have to hike through sandy grounds and steep rocks. But don’t worry as the travellers that hike with you will support each other and help you to reach the destination. After reaching the spot, all your efforts will be paid off. This Bromo tour package always attracts lots of local and international tourists, so you don’t have to worry about being lonely. To watch this phenomenon, prepare yourself to stay awake at 1 until 2 a. m. because it can only be seen within that time frame. Hopefully, the cold (not freezing) temperature will help you stay awake.

Besides enjoying the view of blue fire, watching sulphur miners work around this crater also creates an adrenaline rush. They work with conventional techniques and patch-up tools. All mining activities are done with bare hands and human force, without any machines. They make anyone who watches them impressed by their courage and strength. The sunrise you can watch from the top is amazing as well on its own. Moreover, the scenery is visible after sunrise, and it looks magical. Well, don’t waste your time by hesitating. Just book the Bromo tour package and enjoy the beauty of East Java’s nature.

Mount Rinjani Trekking Experiences from the Travelers

Most people who have gone up Mount Rinjani claim that they have positive Mount Rinjani trekking experienceswith their exploration. They have to work extra and the journey up there is challenging, but the trekking alone has been amazing. Once they reach the peak, they are presented with one of the most amazing views in the world.

The General Experience

Those who have gone through the trekking say that the entireMount Rinjani trekking experiencesare truly satisfying. They like the challenge although it is difficult – and some of them are tearing up a bit. They like the clean environment and the pure atmosphere. The guides are generally coming from the locals and they are truly environmentally conscious. They make sure that everything is clean, so whenever they find trash or garbage, they will pick it up and then toss it on the garbage bin. According to most of the guides, the local tourists aren’t really conscious about the environment – which is the annoying part. It is the foreign tourists who are more environmentally conscious about the surrounding so it is quite sad.

Most of them also claim that the entire journey is completely nice. The trip has been nice from the start and most of the guides are professional. It is a good thing that most of the guides are paid high, which is a good thing. Most tourists want to make sure that they get the most satisfying service without exploiting their guides.

Not only the service is the pleasing one, the end view once they reach the peak is one of the best experiences they have ever encountered. They are pampered with the majestic and breathtaking view, and it is a sure thing that they will never forget the experience. Sure, the cost itself is pretty high but when compared to the overall Mount Rinjani trekking experiences, the spending is worth it